Ted Slot Review

Ted is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot game that was released in 2017 and is available at most reputable UK casinos. It has a low-to-moderate variance and a meager RTP of 95.81%. It was written in HTML 5 and published on NYX Gaming casinos to positive reviews upon release.

Details Regarding the Ted Slot Game

The Ted Slot is based on a 2012 film about a young man’s affinity with his teddy bear. Mark Wahlberg plays John Bennett, a young man who lives with and parties with a talking teddy bear, in the popular film that is not an adaptation of Brideshead Revisited.



Without delving too deeply into the backstory, this is a sort of half-baked commentary on the excesses of modern society. Thus, there is an abundance of crude humor, substance use, and profanity. It was an unsurprising box office triumph.

What attributes does Ted possess?


Visually, the Ted slot machine game is polished and refined. The interface, which is situated in the protagonists’ living room, consists of five smoothly-spinning wheels adorned with various motifs from the film. Among these are a swan, John Bennett’s fiancée, a six-pack of ‘Ted-Light’ beer, and what appears to be a multicolored filtration device (bong). The lettering on playing cards is also present and correct (the relief).


Oh, the hilarity! The hero of the title presides drunkenly over the game, making the occasional remark and flatulence – oh, the hilarity! In contrast to many browser-based casino slots, Ted has fewer game controls. It’s almost as if the game’s creators want players to salivate over the smooth animations; we can’t say we blame them, as the game is aesthetically pleasing.


Ted slot is loaded with features, which we will now endeavor to describe. It will take some time, so please bear with us.


The Thunder Buddies Bonus symbol is triggered when at least three appear on the reels. It grants access to the Wheel of Fortune game, which grants access to a variety of features:


Bar Crawl Function

The user is presented with an additional bonus screen depicting a city street in two distinct phases.


First Bar Crawl Bonus Stage

In the first stage, the player must move bottles around the board to enhance the total wager multiplier. Landing on one of the board position ‘events’ has one of the following results:


Girls – increases one or more board multiplier values

Pizza House – grants a ‘trail run’ that enables players to accumulate multipliers and ‘huge money’ counters.

Ming’s Takeout – awards an unidentified financial reward.

Big Money – provides the user with a ‘big money’ counter. If five are accumulated, the Big Money Bonus round is triggered.

If you land on this square, Ted is taken to an identification parade. There are no prizes here.


Bonus Bar Crawl Stage Two

Players who collect five ‘big-money’ counters (we couldn’t believe it either) are entered into the Big Money Bonus end game. The player is then shown Ted in the middle of the game window, surrounded by multiplier values and sale indicators on the sides of the screen. These values spin and then halt, rewarding participants with the multiplier proportional to their total wager. The player must then select a sale indicator that exposes either a RE-SPIN or COLLECT option.


Gamble Function

When a player accomplishes a feature win while playing Ted, they have the option to acquire or gamble to unlock additional features. After receiving the initial incentive from the Thunder Buddies wheel spin game, the player is presented with a gamble screen that ranks five features according to their average payout value. If the gambler is successful, the features are eliminated. This continues until the player accumulates, reaches the highest bonus, or lands on the mystery victory segment. In the second scenario, a mystery cash reward is awarded based on the player’s total wager multiplier. The features of the Ted slot machine are:


Ted launches a laser beam that renders the symbols wild.


Ted blasts smoke onto the reels, which transforms all symbols into lucrative cluster line combinations.


Psychedelic Colossal Spin – Ted sends additional smoke onto the reels, resulting in three reels merging into one and guaranteeing a substantial prize.


Ted blows bong smoke onto the reels, which adds bonus symbols, thereby increasing the probability of initiating a bonus turn.


Free Ted Slot Spins

As part of its vast selection of incentives and features, the Ted slot machine offers a variety of free spins.


Free Supermarket Spins

The Super Mart game depicts Ted sprinting alongside the reels on a conveyor belt. As the background progresses from left to right, Ted Wild symbols are positioned on shelves behind the game reels, and their positions change with each turn. Once the conveyor belt comes to a halt, the reel positions are filled with the corresponding number of wilds and any line victories are processed. During the Super Mart feature, free spins continue until all are used up and cannot be retriggered.


Rapid Free Spins

These feature a 5 x 4 rotor layout and a predetermined number of free spins. A bonus grid is located above the reels and contains additional incentives such as additional free spins, additional wild symbols, and cash prizes. If a Flash symbol appears after each free turn, the player receives a’super shot’ in the bonus grid. This consists of a prize-awarding marker that moves from left to right. Following each stroke, the final position is transformed into a longer arrow with a greater range, thereby covering more rewards on the grid. The feature concludes when there are no remaining free games.


And inhale.


Free Ted Play Free A number of online casino operators offer Ted-themed slot games, which are available in demo form. These games must function identically to their real-money counterparts in terms of gameplay and payout size. This is a regulation’s requirement.


Our Ted Review Synopsis

In addition to having sleek visuals and animations, the Ted slot machine is one of the most feature-rich games available. We found it amusing that another reviewer mentioned the slot’s subtlety; let me tell you, there’s not much of it. In fact, the crudeness and bathroom humor are nonstop. Therefore, gamers of a certain mentality should be amused. Those with a more delicate disposition may wish to seek elsewhere. Despite the distinctly average maximum win of 10,000…and the incessant profanity, Ted’s gameplay is extraordinarily deep and offers numerous reasons for gamers to return, despite the distinctly average maximum win of 10,000…and the incessant profanity.



Huge number of additional features

Very faithful to the film.

Amazing 3D animation Ted

Very amusing and thrilling

Possibility of large gains


Not for the delicately sensitive

With so many features, it can take some time to comprehend the Ted slot machine.

The Ted FAQs

What game is Ted playing?


Ted Slot is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot game offered by casinos powered by NYX Gaming. The game’s additional features include the Bar Crawl Feature, the Bar Crawl additional Stage One, and the Bar Crawl Bonus Stage Two.

What is Ted’s RTP value?


Ted Slot is a 5 reel, 20 payline game with a 95.79% RTP.

What is Ted’s maximum win?


In Ted Pays, you can win up to 500 times your initial wager.






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