Review of the Slot Game “Bison Bonanza”

The debate over whether individuals prefer salty or sweet foods is an example of an age-old debate that divides people. While some people want salt, others look forward to a sweet treat. Of course, there’s a third type of eater who has no problem chowing down on either type of cuisine. Bison Bonanza is a slot machine from Blueprint Gaming that unmistakably takes some inspiration from Pragmatic Play’s successful offering, Sweet Bonanza, and caters to gamers with savory tastes.

The two games are quite identical, and the only real difference is the subject. They have a commonality in that they are both played on a game panel with 6 columns and 5 rows and use a scatter payout structure. In free games, there are also giant multipliers. The two positions, however, couldn’t look more different from one another. Bison Bonanza is an American nature-themed slot set in a rocky canyon with animals and cactus for companionship, as the name may suggest. These slot machines are ubiquitous, and Blueprint has had great success with similar games like Buffalo Rising Megaways and Wolf Legend Megaways. Here, rather than attempting anything too daring visually, Blueprint has opted for a more conventional aesthetic, which should please purists.

Bison Bonanza is a huge, meaty game with a high variance and an impressive return of 96.5 percent. Bets range from 20 p/c up to £/€10 each spin, with an additional “Bison Bet” option available that ups the ante by 25% and doubles the bonus game trigger probability (RTP stays the same). Paylines and other methods of triggering winnings are absent from Bison Bonanza. Instead, you win a chunk of money whenever 8 or more identical symbols appear anywhere on the board.

The nine regular payments come from the symbols: four from the lower-value card suites and five from the higher-value lynxes, wolves, eagles, bears, and bison. When 8-9 matching premiums are visible, the payout is 1-10x the wager, and when 12+ are visible, the payout increases to 10-50x. With a score of 8-9, the reward is low (0.25-0.80x), but with a score of 12+ in sight, the payout jumps to 2-8x the wager.

Featured in Bison Bonanza Slot Machine

In addition to scatter payouts, Bison Bonanza has cascades, free spins with multiplier symbols, and a bonus buy for eligible players, all of which are borrowed from other games.


When a scatter win occurs, the corresponding symbols are removed from the board and replaced with symbols from the remaining reels. If this results in a scatter win with the new symbols, the cycle will continue.

Bonus Turns

When at least four bonus symbols appear in view, free spins are triggered, giving players who are interested in big multipliers the option to indulge. Here is where the chance of seeing the multiplier symbols arises. Players must first select how they want their free spins to be awarded.

12 extra spins with multipliers ranging from 2x to 100x.

A total of 8 bonus spins may be earned, with multipliers ranging from 4x to 200x.

There will be 5 free spins awarded, and multipliers ranging from 8x to 500x.

A pick-and-click screen with an unknown option that grants free spins and a variable multiplier.

If a multiplier symbol appears during a cascade win sequence while in free spins, the multiplier is applied according to the parameters described above. As cascades reach a conclusion, the multiplier is applied to the cumulative reward pool. If there is more than one multiplier in play, their combined values will be used to determine the final payout.

Added Value Purchase Bonus

You may avoid the chaos and get in on the action immediately by purchasing the bonus round. You can go one of two ways. As mentioned above, one is worth 100x the wager, while getting at least four bonus symbols results in the same payout percentage of 96.6%. Second, for 248 times your wager, you may purchase a blast on the Bison Wheel. In the latter case, a three-tiered wheel is spun to reveal bonuses ranging from 10 to 20 spins and a multiplier of 2x to 10x up to 500x. The expected return is 96.82%.

Jackpot Decision: A Bison Phenomenon

Yes, you’ve guessed correctly; this is essentially Sweet Bonanza, just with animals instead of candies. Bison Bonanza is just as guilty of being a fake imitation as any other show if the similarities between them bother you. This is a well-established pattern; not only has Hacksaw followed suit with Joker Bombs and The Bowery Boys, but Blueprint has also used this style before, in Deal or No Deal Banker’s Bonanza. One might even say that Blueprint’s central premise isn’t all that original. You don’t need us to tell you that the market is flooded with North American animal slots, especially buffalo-themed ones. If you can look beyond these issues, or don’t give a hoot, Bison Bonanza is a great rush of a game with much to do.

Bison Bonanza is quite similar to Sweet Bonanza and its offshoots, so you should know what to anticipate if you’ve played those games. If not, Bison Bonanza is a great game to try out if you want to learn more about how a scatter payout system works. Features like the large multipliers, the Bison Wheel, and the clean execution help it compete with similar products.

yeah, yeah, by no stretch of the imagination is there a lot of ground-breaking gameplay here. Players looking for a fresh scatter win game still have a lot of options, and Bison Bonanza is a popular pick. Bison Bonanza’s limit of 10,000x doesn’t seem so little after witnessing Blueprint Gaming’s 50,000x max win rule bandied around in other games. The 10,000x seems within reach, especially considering that victories can be multiplied by up to x500.

There’s no getting around the fact that the story and the premise aren’t exactly original. Bison Bonanza’s combination of scatter payouts, gigantic multipliers, favorable RTP, and great potential isn’t exactly ground-breaking, but cliches didn’t become cliches for no reason.






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